iPad & iPad Kiosks


We have sourced the perfect display Kiosk mounts which enable the usage of iPad tablets in a diverse selection of commercial establishments especially those which enjoy high traffic eg. restaurants, retail outlets, medical facilities, leisure and entertainment venues.

An iPad Kiosk is perfectly suited for use at trade events where at times of heavy attendance it is impossible to attend to all enquirers, ‘sell’ your products & business strengths and, essentially, acquire those vital new leads. Allowing potential customers to view a digital brochure, interact with a display or simply enjoy your company’s marketing presentation helps minimise the quantity of missed leads at these events. A very attractive and cost-effective method of maximising a worthwhile return – after outlaying a sizeable percentage of your marketing budget on expensive stand fees!

The Kiosks are highly aesthetic in appearance and exceptionally robust in operation and have been designed to provide a strong, safe, user-friendly housing whilst satisfying the consumer’s need to fully explore all the exciting marketing and POS content accessed through the iPad’s intuitive multi-touch interface.

Whether floor or countertop mounted, the Kiosk housing fully encloses and protects the AC power connection and with strong base bolts and hidden mounting screws ensures a totally safe installation for both the operator and end-user.

In operation, the mount provides an owner-selectable portrait or landscape viewing choice, with a flexible steel spring joint enabling users to swivel the head (if required) before it automatically returns to ‘your’ chosen viewing angle. It is supplied with 3 all-purpose faceplates to allow you to control access to the Home button and camera.

It is now possible to access a dedicated App which allows far greater customisation of the end-user’s experience and supplies operators with effortless control over multiple-Kiosks installations.

It feels great to have the iPad launched into the world – it’s going to be a game changer – Steve Jobs