Marketing Consultancy

We do not pretend to be experts in the wider, traditional aspects of marketing – preferring to concentrate our energies on providing invaluable advice and support in our area of expertise – Online / Digital marketing technology.

We have many very satisfied clients who are enjoying both the financial benefits and the profession satisfaction which results from utilising technically innovative and highly effective cross-channel marketing tools as part of their strategic marketing campaign.

For the foreseeable future there remains a requirement for many businesses to utilise some of the conventional offline methods of communicating with their clients, eg. invoicing.

We have found that an appreciable number of our clients, having tentatively ‘put their toe in the water’ by commissioning Gossama to create either an Ebrochure or a mobile App, have very quickly realised the considerable time and financial benefits to be gained from utilising media rich digital marketing in synergy with their offline methods. As finances allow most have progressively expanded their digital portfolio allowing them to enjoy the very important analytical features incorporated within the software.

Being able to accurately analyse the spending & browsing behaviour of your clients and, when desired, to provide them with promotional incentives which reward their loyalty to your brand or service is vital. Understanding your target market is essential in making your annual marketing spend cost-effective – the accurate analytical features incorporated within digital marketing tools allow wise businesses to calculate their ROI / ROMI and swiftly alter their marketing tactics to maintain and increase their market share, as necessary.

Digital technology is constantly evolving and, unless a company’s USP is in being ‘old-fashioned / olde worlde’ then to neglect to embrace the massive benefits which digital technology offers is to be facing the worrying prospect that they will get left behind and watch their customer retention figures decline.

Gone are the days when expensively printed paper vouchers and flyers are needed to generate ‘instant sales’ – with GPS technology your customer receives instant promotions across multiple devices. They really do hold your sales future in the palm of their hand!

If you are persistent, you will get it.  If you are consistent, you will keep it.