Every successful independent business relies on its collective skillset to attract, satisfy and retain its clients/customers. Our ‘non-central office based’ team members have all been selected to work for or with Gossama, based on their professional expertise. From graphic designers to business information systems developers, our team are all specialists in their disciplines and have displayed the professional ability to work as a close knit team, even when based considerable distances apart.

We incorporate industry best practices in everything we do – whether in our close interaction with our clients or in integrating our team’s skills to create the perfect bespoke digital marketing solution for each of our clients.

We do get through a lot of cups of coffee – from our initial client meetings to those occasions when need dictates some late nights sustained with an extra caffeine boost! We’re flexible and work with a ‘can do’ attitude to every task.

Flexibility is a key strength in managing our diverse portfolio of clients and their marketing requirements. With clients across all sectors of industry and with marketing budgets equally as diverse, we treat all with equal respect and ensure we deliver on our promises.

There is no greater satisfaction than that of retaining delighted clients who look to Gossama to fulfil their evolving marketing requirements with the integration of cutting edge digital technology – and who have the confidence to recommend our business to others knowing we will not disappoint.

Our website displays logos of a small percentage of our clients, as we place great importance on maintaining client confidentiality above the need for media recognition; we consider the quality of our work speaks for itself.

“Unless you have 100% customer satisfaction…you must improve”

Horst Schulz, (CEO of Capella Hotels & Resorts and past CEO of the Ritz Carlton Hotel Group)


“It costs nothing to enquire”  – we all know that age old statement.  It’s reassuring to appreciate that the sentiment still holds true, even in our fast paced, constantly evolving technology-driven world.

So, please contact us to see if we can make a cost-effective improvement to your marketing campaigns.               

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