Our History

Gossama is an amalgamation of individuals specialising in a wide range of disciplines.  We are not ‘central office based’ – preferring to enjoy the many advantages gained from being a multi-sited team; the time and cost savings to our business overheads ensure we can deliver truly cost-effective solutions to our clients.

With the incredible pace at which technology evolves it is vital that our knowledge of emerging digital trends is supported by excellent creativity plus strategic execution – in order to present our clients with solutions operating at the forefront of digital innovation. Where a campaign requires the integration of a highly specialised process we bring in associated experts to work with our core team members.  Gossama is not hampered by restrictive boundaries – we welcome change, thrive on variety and practice flexibility.  We have a passion for driving innovation and encouraging our clients to explore the wealth of digital opportunities open to them.

We offer the complete package . . .

Working in close harmony with clients we blend the best of online marketing skills with their existing offline methods. For those who wish to start afresh we can develop and implement a bespoke fully integrated cross-channel digital marketing campaign including a corporate website, ebrochure marketing, mobile App and social media presence. Couple this with our solid grasp of website channels, proficiency with CMS, SEM, SEO and PPC marketing techniques and an appreciation of the essential role played by web analytics to assist our clients’ achieve their business objectives.

We thrive on creating powerful, impactful campaigns which differentiate our clients from their competitors, create standout, push innovation and engage the public – thereby increasing their market share – cost effectively.

Importantly – we value all our clients and ensure every project comes in on time and to budget.


  • 2009 – Focussed on home and office based technology

Nowadays it is commonplace to browse the internet and access technology ‘on the move’; however, back in 2009 the core of our business was in the development of home and office based computer software.  Having worked with over 20 developers who all specialised in a wide range of programming languages and web-based technologies we quickly identified a change of direction was needed, as marketing through mobile devices became the dominant force.



  • 2010 – Mobile Devices & fast moving technological advances

The speed of technological advances is quite breathtaking!  No sooner has one new smartphone or tablet come onto the market then it is facing serious competition from numerous feature-rich competitors.  Gossama has ensured our software is ‘cross-platform’ proficient by utilising HTML5 in parallel with Flash technology; all our applications are designed to work equally as well on home, office and mobile platforms.



  • 2011 – Incorporating sophisticated technologies & providing white label tools

Having such a wide-ranging knowledge base we evolved by providing marketing consultancy support as well as generating exciting, innovative white label e-commerce marketing ‘tools’ to support clients working across industry, retail, entertainment and leisure and to suit all budgets.



  • 2012 – Integrating Apps and iPad Kiosks into our marketing packages for SMEs

With a core principle firmly in mind – to minimise waste and consequential damage to the environment – we progressively won clients’ around to realising that utilising a ‘mini marketing app’ had considerable cost, time and environmental advantages over outdated business cards.  Likewise, as creating feature rich e-brochures has always been a core product in drastically reducing clients’ marketing budgets, we have ensured these vital marketing tools work to perfection on cutting edge mobile and marketing hardware.  We have further evolved our range to supply elegant and versatile iPad Kiosks; ensuring clients’ customers can always access their products and services whether at ‘base’ sites or when growing their businesses at trade events. Businesses need to, quite literally, move with the times to ensure they grow their customer base and push up sales.



  • 2013 – Developing ‘native Apps’ with increased App functionality & dynamic features

With such a takeup by clients for our App creation service, we moved to developing sophisticated ‘native’ Apps for ios (Apple App Store) and also for Android (Google Play Store).  Our developers have concentrated heavily on developing truly worthwhile features and increased functionality.  By launching a dynamic back end content management system (CMS) we can now give clients the ability to easily amend their own App content, as and when they wish, as well as access to their App stats and an instant Push Notification system – a superb feature ensuring businesses can always present ‘live’ product and services information to grow vital sales and maintain their market lead.



  • 2014 – Evolving into a complete digital marketing agency

Over the last 5 years we have focused on our specialties (Apps & Ebrochures) while referring our clients as and when needed to specialist partners who could fulfil their other marketing requirements such as design, print, web development and so on.  With such a growth in our client base over the last couple of years, and the addition of some huge clients, we moved to taking on specialists to ensure that our team can plan, manage and execute complete marketing strategies in-house.



  • 2015 – Off to a fast start

Companies are focussing on digital marketing, online techniques for growth and their strategies for the next year and our team are working hard to take on and fulfil every requirement thrown at us . . . watch this space.

Our Work Process in %

  • Ideas
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Why choose Gossama ?

Gossama is an amalgamation of enthusiastic, highly experienced individuals with the same goal – to excite and guide our clients through the wealth of digital opportunities which are open to them. Our passion is to translate each client’s wishes into a top class marketing vehicle which achieves all they could hope for – and more.

Creative Ideas

Experience has taught us that often ‘less is more’. Successful marketing campaigns are a fine balance of words & images which encourage the viewer to ‘engage’ by using their imagination. Creativity coupled with strategic execution is a winning combination.

Innovative Solutions

Impactful campaigns require attractive graphics & relevant, engaging content – usually including multimedia rich features such as audio & video. Markets and fashions change so fast that the end product must be capable of evolving to maintain real time relevancy. We use methods which easily facilitate frequent re-editing to ensure ongoing campaigns are cost effective.

Tangible Results

Success is in working to an approved brief to create effective marketing campaigns / tools which maximise a client’s revenue, increases their market share, retains existing + wins new business and enhances brand awareness within their target market. Result !


As a marketing agency we have a complete rate card covering all of our products and services.  Some, such as digital brochures and mobile Apps, are a fixed price solution – whereas consultancy and strategy can be carried out on either a job, daily or monthly basis. We aim to use best digital practices to create proactive marketing tools & competitively priced campaigns.

Customer Satisfaction

“If you work just for money, you’ll never make it, but if you love what you’re doing and you always put the customer first, success will be yours.” – Ray Kroc, McDonalds

This quote encapsulates our company’s ethos & we’re delighted so many clients have the confidence to recommend us to others.

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